Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but we have been crazy busy. So, here's what's new:

1. Chad is (for the most part) moved to Texarkana. He will be in Temple next week for 3 days, but other than that we now live in the same city all the time - yay!!

2. Chad is done with Surgical Tech school - no more classes, no more clinicals, no more tests. His graduation is May 16th.

3. Chad takes his registry exam to be a registered surgical technician on monday May 11th.

4. Chad has gotten a job at St. Michaels and starts on May 26th

5. We close on our house one week from today - May 14th

So, we are staying at his mom's until we move into the house in a week and a half. My work schedule is crazy this month, and we are getting last minute house stuff done - moving all of our stuff from temple this next week and then moving into the house the week after that. We are very busy, but very blessed. So happy to not have to live apart half of the week anymore, excited about buying our first house. I'll put up house pictures in a few weeks.

Wolverine is great - go see it.

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  1. Yay!!!! I am so happy for ya'll! And I am so happy to have all of my immediate family living in the same town again!!! Let me know if ya'll need any help with ANYTHING! Just call me! Today is my last day of class, so I will be free for whatever until summer classes start. Love ya'll!!! ~Kimberly