Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Past Week

It's been a week since I've posted - and here's what's been going on:

Nothing much happened last saturday and sunday except Chad came to Texarkana sunday night.
Monday and Tuesday Chad got to hang out with his family, and I saw him inbetween sleeping and work.
He left Tuesday afternoon.
Wednesday my family got together to celebrate my Memom's 71st Birthday - fun was had by all. I met with our realtor Wednesday also and she showed me two different houses, neither of which we are going to buy.
Thursday I went and looked at a house that is for sale by owner - it is very promising..i like it a lot. Thursday night I went out to eat with my daddy and we went home to watch Thursday night TV (Grey's was GREAT).
Friday I went and had lunch with my friend Lauren in her classroom (she's a 1st grade teacher). Then our realtor showed us (my mom, dad, and sister came along) 3 houses. One of them is nice, but I don't like it as much as the one that's for sale by owner in Wake Village. My mom and I watched Nights in Rodanthe Friday night - Richard Gere is so cute.

And now I'm back to work.

So, Chad's spring break is this week and he will be here in Texarkana Monday-Friday...yay!!! We are going to see the house that I like in Wake Village, and who knows what will happen from there - I'm just glad he'll be home for a week.


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