Wednesday, March 25, 2009

busy, busy, busy

We've been busy! These last two weeks have just flown by. Chad was here all last week since it was his spring break. It was so wonderful to have him in Texarkana for 5 days. We spent lots of time with all of our family, went to the movies, bought a house - what a great week.

We are so blessed that things worked out so well house wise. I had been looking at houses around town for weeks - and the fact that we were able to find one we like, have Chad go see it, make an offer, and sign a contract all during the week that Chad was in town for spring break was such a blessing. He is rarely in Texarkana and it was just so wonderful that it all came together while he happened to be in town. God was definately looking out for us because He knows I was sure getting stressed.

Now nothing is final yet on the house. We have signed a contract, but we still have to get the house appraised and inspected. If everything goes well there then we should close in May. Yay!

I am currently working my 4th 12 hour shift this week and am exhausted. When I get off of work in the morning I'm driving to Temple to spend the rest of the week with Chad so that is exciting.

Chad is starting to look for a job here in Texarkana so keep that in your prayers if you don't mind. We aren't too worried about it since we really feel like this is where God wants us. He has just opened so many doors for us here and made everything so easy so we are trusting that He will continue to provide.

Hope you are all having a good week.


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