Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Blog

We're glad to see yall got our email or notice on facebook. We decided to change blogs (or I did cause Chad never uses this thing). Hopefully I will be updating this one more often. Here are sone exciting things that have happened to us as of lately...

- we originally thought that we owed money on our taxes, but after I had my mom look over stuff we found out that we don't have to pay in!! we aren't getting a lot back like we had hoped, but atleast we don't have to pay..yay!
- we got approved for a mortgage loan..we are currently looking at houses.
- we are getting to spend half of almost every week together thanks to my new work schedule..this is such a blessing

Check out this guy dancing on Ellen's tv show (it's about 1:45 into the video)


  1. That's awesome about ya'lls taxes!!!
    Have you found any houses that you are considering yet???

    Love ya'll,

  2. Cute blog. I am trying this again.
    Wondering if I will remember to check
    this from time to time.

  3. Thanks, Brittney, for including us in your blog. You know we love hearing about you and your lives anytime. We love y'all....Nana